Call for Papers Winter 2022 Meeting


Abstract submission for the NAFE Winter 2022 meeting is now open through September 30. If you have a forensic engineering "lesson learned" to share, please consider developing a paper for the Journal. We will be seeking 8 papers plus 2 "in reserve".  The ones selected for "reserve" will be based on redundancy with others (i.e., two auto accidents).  Any paper selected as "reserve" and not needed is automatically accepted for the following conference.   As a registered user, you can search the Journal archives to see if the topic has been addressed before.  As long as you have a new aspect to present, it will be considered. You can find the requirements and guidance by using the "Make a submission" button, and you can review papers from the last few years to get a better feel for what a successful paper is. I look forward to reviewing your abstract.