Still time for Tucson papers


We still have openings for papers for Tuscon.   This is your chance to be published.  The subject matter must be about the field of forensic engineering and be about a method, technique, or case study.  Papers have also taken other approaches, such as historical studies to show how standards changed and its impact on liability.  The critical aspect is it cannot be just a "war story," recounting a case and presenting opinions.  A Journal paper's conclusion must be supported by work shown (like a case study showing the engineering effort or disecting the opposing work) and/or by citation of showing supporting theory,  supporting facts, similar examples, etc.

We will work with you.  If you can produce a "90% draft", as described in our Submission page, by Nov. 1 we would love to have you present it at Tuscon and publish it next summer.   If you have any questions, please contact me.

Bart Kemper, P.E., DFE
Editor In Chief, JotNAFE