Tuscon and introducing "rolling submission" for abstracts


The Tuscon meeting went very well.  Tonja Koob (Forensic Hydrology and Environmental Assessment in Louisiana’s First Oil Field: A 100-Year Recreation of Historical Land Use) and Elizabeth Buc (Self-Loosening Sediment Traps Resulting in Gas Explosions) were voted as the best presentations for Journal presentations.  We are looking forward to publishing their paper and everyone else who presented.

If you have an idea for a paper, please review the infomation on the Journal site and submit an abstract.  We do not require an abstract to come in at a specific time.   If it helps you to start earlier, particularly if you have time availabe early on, then we will support that by accepting the abstracts.   Please do not submit more abstracts than you are willing to be accepted for a given cycle.  The official call for abstracts along with milestone dates will be announced later.

All abstracts for a given publication cycle will be evaluated at the same time.   Our intent is to approve "8 + 1" or possibly "8 + 2" -- that we select the best 9 or 10 *qualified* abstracts for development.   Everyone selected commits to submitting the pre-conference draft paper and developing a presentation.  The "+1" or "+2" will move up if one from the initial 8 drops out or requires too much revision to stay on the initial schedule.  If all 8 initial selectees are presented, the the others will be automatically in the next conference cycle.   All papers will be of acceptable quality, so what makes a paper a "+1 or +2" will be subject redundancy or other content-related issues.  

As always, I am willing to review an abstract and provide feedback prior to submission. Abstract selection is done by the committee without author names.  My email is "eic@nafe.org".  

If you wish to be a peer reviewer or join the Technical Review Committee as an Associate Editor (AE), please email me.  The Journal's Managing Editor (Ellen Parsons) assigns the AE's while the Senior Associate Editor (Jim Green) assigns peer reviewers.  Authors know their AE but no their peer reviewers.  

Letters and certificates for credits for doing peer review or being Associate Editor will be released in the next few weeks.     I look forward to seeing abstracts for new papers for Toronto as well as 

Bart Kemper, PE, DFE