The G. Analyst Accelerometer as a Forensic Engineering Accident Investigation Device


  • Ronald E. Hendry



This discussion concerns an interesting new electronic accelerometer and its potential for use in vehicular accident reconstruction. This state of the art device is called a g.analyst. It simultaneously measures the installed vehicles longitude and lateral accelerations in the plane of the road for up to 2.54 gs of acceleration . The g-analyst with recommended accessory components is commercially available for less than $500.00. The g.analyst is manufactured by Valentine Research, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio. The founder of Valentine Research is Michael D. Valentine, an Electrical Engineer. Mr. Valentine was formerly a principal with Cincinnati Microwave. Reportedly, that company produced a very successful vehicle radar detector. The g-analyst was developed because Mr. Valentine wanted something to measure a cars performance limits and could find nothing satisfactory on the market. The g.analyst was developed with both the casual and serious user in mind. As such it can be succe



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