Forensic Engineering Investigation of a High-Voltage Transmission Line Anchor Shackle Failure




high voltage transmission line, shackle hardware, Charpy tensile test, low-temperature fracture toughness, experimental design, statistical sample, forensic engineering


A forged alloy steel anchor shackle, one of a batch of more than 2,600 produced for the project, failed catastrophically in service on a newly erected 66-kilometer high-voltage transmission line in northern Canada. A failure analysis led to a hypothesis that forging laps had created the critical crack size to initiate propaga-tion under cold weather conditions. An extensive Charpy fracture toughness test program based on CAN/CSA C83.115-96 parameters was performed on 150 shackles, but the data did not support the initial hypothesis of temperature dependence. The forensic engineering team designed experimental tensile tests at ambient tem-peratures as low as -40°C to evaluate the propagation response of lap cracks in a statistically valid sampling of shackles. The trimmed forging flash area disguised laps from the manufacturing process, and subsequent galvanizing steps prevented detection by magnetic particle inspection. A focused recommendation for removal and replacement of the shackles was issued for those bearing major loads in the tower array.


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