Forensic Engineering Investigation - pumps And Motors Damaged in A Power Plant Explosion


  • Richard W. Grounds



Pumps, explosion


In Addition To Serious Injury Or Loss Of Life To Plant Personnel, Plant Explosions May Cause Significant direct Or Secondary Damage To Facility Machinery, Resulting In Lost Production Time, Costly Repairs, Or replacement Of The Damaged Equipment.  given The Long Procurement Lead Times And Higher Costs Typically Associated With Engineered Machinery (Machinery Not Available Off-The-Shelf), It Is Crucial To Make An Early Determination Of Whether or Not The Damaged Equipment Is Serviceable And Capable Of Providing Reliable Operation After Repairs, Or if The Machinery Must Be Replaced. The Difference In Cost Between The Two Alternatives Is Substantial To the Owner, Insurance Carrier, And All Invested Parties, Particularly When Production Losses Are Considered.  the Focus Of This Investigation Was Four New Machinery Trains Damaged In A Power Plant Natural Gas explosion That Occurred As Construction Of The Facility Neared Completion. Claims For Replacement Machinery were Filed By Various Risk Management Firms On Behalf Of The Builder And Facility Owners, And were Presented To A Claims Adjusting Firm Enlisted By The Insurance Carriers. Independent Consultants were Engaged By The Owners And Claims Adjuster To Examine The Damaged Machinery And Report Findings to The Engaging Parties, With The Findings Being Considered In The Evaluation Of Whether Or Not The machinery Would Be Serviceable Upon Refurbishment.



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