Failure Analysis of Cylinder Used In a Car Flipper Device




Kinematics, finite difference, impact energy, numerical methods, cylinder cap, kinematics, finite difference, fracture, impact energy, metallurgical investigation, numerical methods, pneumatic piston travel speed, forensic engineering, car flipper device


A car flipping device is a special effects aid used to flip cars in the production of movies and television shows. The device uses a pivoting arm that moves under the stroke of a cylinder powered by compressed ni-trogen. In a trial run of the device, the cylinder’s piston broke through the cylinder cap. A kinematic analysis developed a parametric mathematical model of the motion of the cylinder arm and piston, which formed the basis for a finite difference analysis to determine the speed of the cylinder’s piston at the end of its stroke. Metallurgical testing was conducted on the broken cylinder to determine the stress-strain characteristics, im-pact resistance, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) used to examine the fracture surface. The analysis determined that the kinetic energy of the piston was adequate to cause yielding of the cylinder but not rupture. Continued usage degraded the impact resistance available until rupture occurred.


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