Forensic Engineering Analysis of a Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicle Accident


  • Drew Peake



Forensic engineering, safety engineering, engineering control, administrative control, management control, gross negligence


As shown in this case, lack of attention to engineering, administrative, and management controls can lead to serious injury or death. Engineering controls include design or redesign of equipment, tools, or the workplace to reduce workers’ exposure to hazards. Administrative controls are perhaps better characterized as workplace controls, which include changing work procedures, written safety policies and rules, supervision or schedules, and training, in order to reduce the duration, frequency, or severity of exposure. Management controls are a systematic effort by management to compare performance to predetermined standards, plans, or objectives, to determine if performance meets expectations and to take remedial action as indicated to reduce worker exposure to hazards. Because engineering, administrative, or management controls were not used in this case, a community service worker fell from a mobile refuse collection vehicle and suffered serious injury when his head struck the pavement.




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Peake, Drew. 2014. “Forensic Engineering Analysis of a Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicle Accident”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 31 (2).