Small Steel Plates on Highway Pavements


  • Michael Kravitz



Small steel plates are used to cover catch basins holes that are in the process of being repaired on highway pavements. They are placed over the hole and the edges of the plate are feathered with cold patch asphalt to limit the bump effect on vehicles riding over the plate. The plates are thought to be over designed with respect to static loads. However, the dynamic effects of tires rolling over the plates at speeds of 50 mph or greater are usually not considered. It is common belief that the weight of the plate is sufficient to keep the plate in place along with the asphalt feathering. This paper will consider the effect of Sudden Loading on short plates temporarily covering these types of holes.



How to Cite

Kravitz, Michael. 1991. “Small Steel Plates on Highway Pavements”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 8 (2).




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