Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Pedestrian Vision Ambulation And Vigilance


  • Mervyn F. Strauss
  • Lee William E.





The Accident Reconstruction Engineer Is Frequently Called Upon To Analyze And Provide An Opinion On The Probable Cause Of Same Level Trips And Falls. The Incident Usually Involves A Raised Object Or Stub Toe In All Types Of Environments, Both Indoors And Outdoors. The Person May Be Walking Or Even Running Along, Going About Their Own Business, When They Trip And Fall Over Some Type Of Object Raised Above A Walking Surface. The Individual Many Times Is In Good Health, Without Any Apparent Impediment To Their Ability To Walk Or Ambulate And With Good Vision. A Question Asked By One Side Or The Other In This Type Of Litigation Is, Why Did You Trip Over That Object, Post, Walk Joint, Or Whatever, That Was In Front Of You? The Object That You Tripped Over Was Obvious. If You Had Just Kept A Proper Lookout, You Could Have Avoided It. In Some Cases, It Is Not Unusual To Discover That The Injured Person Had Walked Through The Area Sometime Before The Incident. Furthermore, The Person May Actually Be Relatively Familiar With The Locale, Having Walked Across The Spot On Many Occasions. This Paper Addresses The Complex Set Of Events And Human Skills Involving Pedestrian Tripping And Falling Over Raised Objects On A Foreseeable Pedestrian1 Walking Surface. In Addition To Raised Objects, Depressions Or Holes In The Walking Surface May Trigger A Fall Event.



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Strauss, Mervyn F., and Lee William E. 2004. “Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Pedestrian Vision Ambulation And Vigilance”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 21 (2).