Forensic Engineering Analysis Of A Car Vs. Car Vs. Pedestrian Accident


  • Jeffrey D. Armstrong





This Paper Summarizes The Forensic Engineering Analysis And Reconstruction Of A Nighttime Vehicle Crash. The Crash Occurred On The Inside Shoulder Of A Divided Interstate Highway Separated By A Concrete Barrier. A Driver Had Stopped His Vehicle On The Inside Shoulder Of The Westbound Section Of The Highway, Presumably Due To Car Troubles. His Car Was Struck In The Rear By Another Vehicle. When Emergency Personnel Arrived At The Scene, The Owner Of The Disabled Vehicle Was Found Deceased On The Inside Lane Of The Opposing Eastbound Roadway. As The Crash Was Being Investigated, A Vehicle Returned To The Scene Where The Driver Indicated That He Thought He Had Run Over Something As He Was Traveling Eastbound On The Freeway. The Forensic Engineer Was Retained To Reconstruct The Accident, And To Determine How The Driver Of The Disabled Vehicle Came To Be In The Opposing Roadway. The Reconstruction Involved Photogrammetry, Momentum Analysis, Crush Energy Analysis, Proper Use Of Pedestrian Throw Formulae, And A Forensic Analysis Of Evidence On The Disabled Vehicle.




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Armstrong, Jeffrey D. 2006. “Forensic Engineering Analysis Of A Car Vs. Car Vs. Pedestrian Accident”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 23 (2).