Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Alleged Property Damage From Construction Vibrations


  • D.S. Sax Saxena
  • Saxena Anu



Construction, vibration


The Influence Of Construction And Pile Driving Vibrations On Surrounding Buildings, Including Hospitals And Eye Examination Facilities, Sensitive Devices Such As Computers And Surgical Microscopes Or Electronic Machines, And People In The Urban Environment Is A Significant Consideration In Obtaining Project Approvals From Appropriate Agencies And Authorities. Implementation Of Construction Projects In Areas Adjacent To Existing Buildings (Aged, Historical, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Medical Services, Or Electronic Services) Creates Additional Difficulties. Specialized Case History Is Presented Where Damage To Sensitive Structures From A Variety Of Vibratory Construction Methods Ranging From Pile Driving, Highway Construction, Rock Excavation And/Or Blasting, Was Considered. Twenty Homeowners From A Residential Subdivision In The Florida Panhandle, Claimed Damage Including Cracking To Their Properties During Construction Of Various Portions Of City Storm Water Treatment/Enhancement Project. It Was Also Alleged That During Excavation And Construction Of Drainage Structures, Especially Four Subsurface Treatment Vaults That Required Installation And Extraction Of Sheet Piles Using Vibratory Hammer, Stability Of The Nearby Residential Structures Was Endangered And Resulted In Movement/Cracking. Forensic Engineering Analysis Was Effectively Utilized To Identify, Investigate, And Remediate The Concerns As Well As Assist In Litigation And In Some Cases Avoidance. This Technical Paper Presents Some Legal Issues Related To Litigation, Mediation, And Resolution Involving Jurisprudence System And Introduces A Case History That Includes All Elements Of Forensic Engineering.



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Saxena, D.S. Sax, and Saxena Anu. 2010. “Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Alleged Property Damage From Construction Vibrations”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 27 (2).