Forensic Engineering Analysis of Fatal Overhead Crane Accident




Overhead crane, 3D high definition scanning, drone video imaging technology, 3D modeling and matchmoving, visualization, safety, OSHA, ANSI, forensic engineering, Denver


This paper outlines the forensic procedure and techniques used in the reconstruction and safety assessment of a fatal overhead crane accident. The decedent (a subcontractor) was working as a pipe fitter at a manufacturing plant. At the time of the accident, the decedent had climbed up onto an overhead crane rail to move existing pipework when the crane struck and killed him. This paper presents the application of various techniques/methodologies to reconstruct the complex accident, including 3D HD scanning, drone video imaging, and 3D modeling/principles of photogrammetry to understand how the incident occurred and provide visualizations of the construction project. Safety analysis was conducted by analyzing crane maintenance and operation as well as the duties/responsibilities of the different employers and comparing industrial standards and practices such as OSHA, ANSI, and safety principles.


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