Forensic Engineering Structural Failure Review By Finite Element Analysis


  • Wilbur T. Yaxley
  • Bracken William C.



Construction defects


A Florida Engineer Was Charged By The Florida Board Of Professional Engineers With Incompetence And Negligence Because Of His Design, And His Fabrication Of The Metal Roof Trusses For A Hanger/Home In Florida. The Engineer Personally Designed, Supervised Fabrication, And Specified The Field Modifications Required Due To Conflicts Of The Bearing Height, And Truss Damage During Shipment Of The Trusses To The Jobsite. A Complaint Was Filed By The Homeowner And Investigated By The Boards Consulting Engineer. The Consultant Investigated And Alleged That The Modified Heel Connection On The House Truss Was Grossly Inadequate To Transfer The Code Mandated Loads For This Home. No Failure Has Occurred Since The Home Has Not Been Subjected To Full Code Mandated Wind Loads. The Following Analysis Follows The Investigation, And Formal Hearing Before An Administrative Law Judge In Florida. An After The Fact, Finite Element Analysis Was Performed By W. Bracken To Verify The Consultants Allegations. This Analysis By Bracken Was Performed After The Conclusion Of The Case Against The Engineer Of Record.




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Yaxley, Wilbur T., and Bracken William C. 2002. “Forensic Engineering Structural Failure Review By Finite Element Analysis”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 19 (1).




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