Forensic Engineering Geotechnical Analysis Of Florida Sinkholes


  • D.S. Sax Saxena



Sinkhole, Karst


Sinkholes And Forensic Geo-Technical Engineering Are Synonymous In Florida. Since These Sinkhole Activity Related Investigations Are Generally Commissioned By Property Owners, Legal Professionals, Insurance Companies, Or Public Adjusters And Because Of The Extensive Liability Exposure They Command It Is Necessary That They Be Thorough, Detailed, And Conclusive Within The Context Of The Mandated Protocol They Are Performed. These Retrospective Investigations Seek To Explain, What Happened? And Why Did It Happen?, Rather Than To Predict Future Performance. Of Course, These Are Often Followed By, How Can It Be Fixed? And All Too Often, Whose Fault Is It? And Who Is Going To Pay?. Technological Advances And Sophistication In Detection, Mitigation, And Repair Methodologies Of Karstic Sinkholes Require That Professionals Involved In These Specialties Continually Upgrade Their Knowledge. A Case Study Is Considered Where Updated And Current Methods Were Used To Detect, Mitigate, And Repair Karstic Sinkhole Condition. Additionally, A Proactive Value Engineering Approach Was Instrumental In Eliminating Any Unnecessary Project Delay Claim Investigation And Assisted In An Early Resolution Of The Matter For The Owner/Developer.



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Saxena, D.S. Sax. 2009. “Forensic Engineering Geotechnical Analysis Of Florida Sinkholes”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 26 (1).




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