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The Applications of Matchmoving for Forensic Video Analysis of a Fatal Sprint Car Accident: Part II


  • Richard Ziernicki, PhD, PE
  • Martin E. Gordon, PE
  • Angelos G. Leiloglou
  • Steve Knapp, PE



Matchmoving, photogrammetry, high-definition scanning, video analysis, drone video footage, accident reconstruction, lens distortion correction, SynthEyes, forensic engineering, Sprint cars


This paper presents the application of the photogrammetric process known as matchmoving to analyze a racetrack video and reconstruction of a fatal Sprint Car race accident. The use of high-definition 3D laser scanning technology made it possible to accurately perform the matchmoving process on racetrack video footage to determine the path, heading, speed, and acceleration of the involved Sprint Cars. In addition to the accident racetrack, another video of a Sprint Car race on a similar racetrack, taken by a drone, was also analyzed using the same matchmoving method to evaluate the speed and yaw angle of a drifting Sprint Car.


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Ziernicki, Richard, Martin E. Gordon, Angelos G. Leiloglou, and Steve Knapp. (2021) 2021. “The Applications of Matchmoving for Forensic Video Analysis of a Fatal Sprint Car Accident: Part II”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 38 (1).




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