Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Impacts To The Adult And Pediatric Head


  • Laura L. Liptai



Head impact, helmets, motorcycle, bicycle, sports equipment, head impact, infant head, child head, head trauma, brain unjury, testing, biomedical engineering, biomechanics, equestrian helmets, ball to head impacts, head impact onto tile, head impact onto carpet


This Reports Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Impacts To The Adult Head And Pediatric Head From Multiple Sources, With The Goal Of Amassing A Database To Be Utilized For Forensic Biomedical Engineering Analysis. Supplemental Impact Activities (Of Acceleration Verses Time Data), Rather Than Cumulative Historical Adult And Child Head Impacts Are Discussed. Adult Head Impacts Recently Tested Include Motorcycle, Bicycle And Equestrian Helmeted Impacts. Infant Head Impacts Include Falls Onto Carpet/Tile And Toy Impacts, And Child Head Impacts Include Recreational Ball Tests (Baseballs, Soccer Balls, Playground Balls And Basketballs). Biomedical Engineers Use Computational Modeling And Simulation To Analyze Injurious Trauma To The Human Head And Brain. The Verification Of These Mathematical Models, Codes, Solutions, And/Or Simulations Depends Upon The Quality Of Their Experimental Validation. The Reliability Of The Experimental Data Determines The Validity Of The Modeling. A Database Of Real World Head And Brain Impact Responses Is Constructed Utilizing Principals From Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics And Anthropometric Dummy Testing. The Digital Data Is Collected According To A Standardized Protocol Using A Tri-Axial Accelerometer Mounted Inside Of Various Anthropometric Dummy Craniums Of Infants, Children And Adults. The Performance Of Motorcycle, Bicycle And Equestrian Helmet Types Is Analyzed With Some Unexpected Results. Other Data Includes Pediatric Experimental Results That Have Not Been Previously Reported: Child Head Impacts With Various Sports Equipment, Infant Head Impacts To Surfaces Commonly In The Home, Like Tile And Carpet, As Well As Infant Head Impacts With Massive, Hard Plastic Toys. The Objective Is To Quantify The Pediatric And Adult Human Head Responses In The Form Of Acceleration Verses Time Data To Impact And Non-Impact Scenarios. This Data Will Supplement The Forensic Engineering Experimental Analysis Database As Well As Define Variables Utilized In The Mathematical Modeling Of Injurious Head Impacts To Improve Head Impact Safety Counter Measures.




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