The Forensic Engineer When Attacked by the Hired Gun


  • James M. Green



Much has been written regarding the problems associated with having to face an expert that has been retained by the other side who indulges in unethical behavior. Indeed, many of the techniques that an ethical engineer utilizes in presentation of his opinion are based on exposing opinions that are fabricated by the expert retained by the other side. Of course, an honest difference of opinion may result between two qualified and honest experts. The differences may run the gambit from design methodology to human factors expected in certain forensic reconstruction activities. These differences are what makes the practice of forensic engineering so challenging and rewarding. For example, it is possible for two members of the NAFE be on different sides of an issue and both be convinced that their view is correct. This can be true if the forensic engineers are in some really gray areas of their specialty



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Green, James M. 1992. “The Forensic Engineer When Attacked by the Hired Gun”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 9 (1).




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