Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Total Reaction Time


  • James M. Green



Perception - reaction time


This Paper Develops A Method For Determining A Meaningful Reaction Time In Accident Reconstruction And Civil Engineering Design. A Method For Total Perception Time (Tpt) Is Explained Using Literature From The Professions Of Psychology, Optometry And Engineering. A Determination Of Total Perception Time (Tpt), Or Total Perception Distance (Tpd), Is Given Where The Engineer Allows Enough Time For The Actual Stimulus To Be Identified Before Determining If Evasive Action Can Be Taken Or Collision Can Be Avoided. The Use Of Tpt Can Be Calculated In Accident Reconstruction And Engineering Design By Using The Actual Environmental Conditions That Were Present At The Site Under Investigation. The Purpose Of Presenting This Analysis Is To Establish A Starting Point For Discussion And Evaluation Of Total Perception Time (Tpt) Or Total Perception Distance (Tpd). The Reaction Time Sequence Affects Every Facet Of Forensic Engineering And Civil Engineering Design. It Is The Writers Intent That A Definition Of This Methodology Can Be Developed In Order That The Engineering Community Will Have A Tool That Is Accepted.




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Green, James M. 2003. “Forensic Engineering Analysis Of Total Reaction Time”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 20 (1).




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