Bus Wheel Injuries And A Remedial Method For Prevention Of These Accidents


  • James M. Green




Pedestrian and bicycle injuries


The Accident Statistics For Injuries Caused By Pedestrians Or Cyclists Being Injured, Or Killed, By U.S. Transit Buses Have Typically Been Categorized Simply As Either Fatalities Or Serious Injuries. Although Anecdotal Information From Police Accident Investigators And Forensic Engineers Have Indicated That Certain Types Of Accidents With Transit Buses Are More Prevalent Than Other Types, Definitive Data Has Been Lacking. Recent Risk Management Efforts At Various Transit Authorities2 Have Revealed A Prevalent Type Of Accident From Transit Vehicles Interacting With Either Cyclists Or Pedestrians. The Predominant Accident Type Seems To Be Pedestrians Or Cyclists Being Pulled Into The Bus-Wheel, As Opposed To Individuals Being Struck By The Vehicle Body3. Further Questioning Of Transit Personnel Indicates That, In Most Cases, The Accidents Occur From The Rotating Bus Transit Wheel On The Bus As It Passes The Individual As Opposed To The Cyclist Or Pedestrian Running Into The Stationary Transit Vehicle Or Tire. Surprisingly, The Type Of Accident Where The Bus Strikes The Cyclist Or Pedestrian In An Area Other Than On The Rotating Wheel Is Almost Negligible. The Analysis In This Paper Is Focusing On Transit Authority Buses Since Risk Assessment Managers Have Identified High Incidents Of Injury At The Site Of The Rotating Wheel For These Vehicles.




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Green, James M. 2001. “Bus Wheel Injuries And A Remedial Method For Prevention Of These Accidents”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 18 (2). https://doi.org/10.51501/jotnafe.v18i2.596.




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