The Use Of Edsmac To Simulate Bicycle And Motor Vehicle Collisions


  • James M. Green



Vehicle-bicycle collisions


The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Enable Licensed Users Of The Edsmac Program To Understand How To Simulate Motor Vehicle And Bicycle Collisions. Edsmac Is The Engineering Dynamics Corporation Simulation Model Of Automobile Collisions. The Model Basically Simulates Vehicle Dynamics At Impact And Velocity Change As A Result Of Impact. The Use Of This Collision Model Will Not Be Explained In This Paper Since That Is A Function Of Obtaining The License And Taking The Necessary Classes. This Program Is The Model That Is Commonly Accepted In Court And By Forensic Engineers As Being Authoritative. Therefore, Rewriting The Input Language To Include Collisions With Bicycles Would Be Helpful In Reconstructing These Types Of Accidents. Field Verification Of These Input Values Has Been Accomplished. These Data Are Provided And The Limitations Of The Use Of Edsmac In These Types Of Collisions Are Given. Also, An Actual Edsmac Computer Run Is Provided As The Forensic Engineer Can Visualize The Actual Inputs Needed For These Types Of Reconstructions.




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Green, James M. 1996. “The Use Of Edsmac To Simulate Bicycle And Motor Vehicle Collisions”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 13 (2).




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