Development Of Reasonable Doubt - Slip/Fall Hunting Accident Or Murder?


  • Jon O. Jacobson



Firearm incident


On New Years Day Kimberly And Bruce Went Hunting In A Wooded Area With Their Newly Assembled Muzzle-Loading Rifles. After Climbing Up The Hill And Through Some Lightly Reforested Woods, They Entered The Replacement Grove Forest Where They Stopped At A Small Clearing To Rest. Bruce Then Continued Up The Hill For About Fifty Feet To Attempt To Locate An Elk. He Believes That He Saw One In The Distance And Fired, But Did Not Hit His Target. He Then Heard A Second Shot From The Region Where His Wife Had Stopped To Rest Behind Him. Upon Returning To The Small Clearing He Found His Wife Lying On Her Back Having Been Shot In The Middle Of The Chest. Her Rifle Was Across A Log Slightly Uphill. Bruce Picked Up Kimberlys Rifle To See If Had Been Fired And, Upon Seeing That It Had Been Fired, Dropped It. He Sought Help, Notified The Local Authorities And Returned With The Authorities To Assist His Wife, And Later Carried His Wifes Body From The Woods. During The Time That Law Enforcement, Emts, And Others Attempted To Assist Kimberly, Bruce Vented His Anger/Emotions By Picking Up Kimberlys Rifle From Its Position On The Ground And Pounded It Into The First Log Kimberly Had Slipped And Fallen...




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Jacobson, Jon O. 1996. “Development Of Reasonable Doubt - Slip/Fall Hunting Accident Or Murder?”. Journal of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers 13 (1).